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My training philosophy is...

  • Positive Reinforcement training  methods means: no force is used.
  • Praise the behavior you are looking for. 
  • Find out what motivates your dog (food versus petting).
  • Be consistent in training. 

I also believe....

  • Have fun when working with your dog!
  • Be a fair leader in your home.
  • Never be afraid to ask me questions. 
  • If you put in the effort will will see results.

My training methods include... 

  • Basic Obedience such as sit, stay, down.....and more.
  • Turning training exercises into games such as dog ping-pong.
  • Being clear and concise on the expectations of the pet owner.

Once you experience professional dog training, you will wonder why you waited until now. I look forward to working with you and your dog.

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